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The Place Marketing Group is pleased to offer the industry-exclusive Site Selection Consultant Database.

With more than fifty percent of corporate site selection decisions being made with the assistance of site consultants, your organization cannot afford to be without this valuable marketing tool!

What it Is: The PMG Site Selection Consultant Database was designed by an economic developer for economic developers. It contains the names and addresses of nearly 4,000 persons who influence corporate site selection decisions. The contacts include consultants, commercial real estate brokers, real estate services firms, architects, engineers and more. There currently is no other product like this in the market for the economic development organization. We offer unparalleled size, accuracy and customer service.

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EDOs use the Consultant Database to market their location advantages to site selection inluencers.
EDOs use the Consultant Database to market their location advantages to site selection inluencers.




 The PMG Site Selection Consultant Database offers the following features and benefits:

- there simply isn’t a list of this type available elsewhere on the market. As ED professionals ourselves, we tried to find one and couldn’t – so we created our own!

Quality - When you invest valuable time and money on mailings or sales calls, you need the most accurate data available. That's why it's important to choose PMG. We are wholly devoted to building the data, verifying it and updating it for you.

Time Savings – As an economic developer, you want to be building relationships, not lists. Our staff compiles the list for you at a cost that far less than doing it on your own internally and delivers a freshly updated version each quarter.

- The Site Selection Consultant Directory is being made available to only 2% of the existing economic development organizations in the U.S. This exclusivity provides the subscriber added value and a competitive marketing advantage.

How it Was Compiled
: PMG aggregates information from hundreds of sources to add new data, update existing records and eliminate duplicates. The list is compiled from trade publications, association membership lists, corporate news releases, general media reports, conference registration and speaker lists, personal relationships and other sources.

Information that’s included
: The PMG Site Selection Consultant Directory contains the following information:  Company Name, Contact Name and Title, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone, Fax, E-mail Address, Website, Primary Service Offering and Service Specialty. The information is delivered in an Excel format.